A managed trading account is a fully segregated account individually owned by the investor at a brokerage firm but traded by a professional trader or money manager on their behalf.

Client Control

Clients retain full control over their accounts at all time, as their money managers are granted “trade only” access to the accounts.


Unique Structure

It is crucial to know that managed trading accounts are unique and a very well-structured model.


Managed Accounts Adequacy

It allows you to get on with your day to day business while we work/make trade selections on your behalf. Secondly, investors get a larger rate of return than individuals trading on their own.


Managed accounts are great for you if…

  • You are busy and can’t follow the market trends.
  • Many people simply don’t have the time, experience, or disposition to trade in the financial market. Paying attention is a full-time commitment, but career or family obligations can distract and divert your attention. A managed account gives you the freedom to pursue other activities that you otherwise might not be able to.
  • Prefer to let a professional trader with a track record do the trading.
  • If you have ever traded in the forex market, you have an idea of the directional uncertainty most traders suffer, and the notable volatility currency pairs can be exhibited. Know your limitations if you have a problem taking losses and opt to employ a trading professional instead.
  • Don’t have the psychological makeup of a trader.
  • Some people lack the psychological personality types best suited for trading. For example, if you can never admit when you’re wrong, holding onto a losing position could wipe out your entire trading account. Another example would be a predisposition to overtrading because you find trading exciting. However, trading excess can also take its toll financially, physically, and mentally rather than risk trading yourself.


If you are a trader with a list of loyal, satisfied clients, then the managed investment accounts with Catherine Günther fit your requirements and needs.

  • You enjoy 24-hour access to your funds by investing with me.
  • All my trades are automatically allocated to linked managed brokerage accounts, and I will direct the choice and timing of your investments.
  • At the same time trading account is always in your name and ownership. Moreover, you can deposit and withdraw money at any time.
  • If you are looking for a high ROI, investment accounts managed by a professional trader are your best bet.


Some of the best advantages managed brokerage accounts give you are following:

  • Full-time, professional attention by a trader with a proven track record
  • Systematic balancing of investment risks relates to returns. As a result, we get a portfolio that delivers high returns.
  • Access your financial advisor to answer your questions.
  • Expertise in drawing upon all categories of investments
  • Managed portfolio and trading strategy that best matches your goals. A relationship is based upon the investment success of your portfolio – you pay only when you get profits.
  • Your investment will be traded in a trusted, regulated broker. Real-time monitoring of open positions.
  • How I Devise Your Portfolio and Investment Strategy?
  • I am a money manager with 11 years of experience. I have earned high returns for my managed accounts investors and won recognition in the financial services industry. Our investing relationship will begin with a meeting of like minds. First of all, we will discuss your wealth-building goals, so I can get a clear vision of what strategy and trading style works for you. Moreover, we will discuss your timeline for achieving financial goals. Below, I share my wealth-building philosophy. Of course, wealth plays an essential role in fulfilling your most important goals.
  • Defining Your High-Returns Investment Portfolio
  • First, we have to understand your financial situation and goals. 
  • Next, we will agree on the parameters of your managed portfolio.
  • Finally, I will leverage my experience with various financial markets.
  • As a result, we get a balanced and diversified portfolio for your managed account, allowing us to achieve above-average returns.
  • As the owner of a managed investment account, you will receive clear answers to your questions. If you have any financial queries, you certainly want to get great answers. And, I am here to give them.
  • Managed investment accounts require a minimum deposit of $10000. Yet, I don’t charge any fee. Most importantly, what you pay is based upon the success of your portfolio. In other words, I make money when you do.
  • Achieve Outstanding Success With the Right Financial Advisor Service
  • My philosophy for helping managed accounts investors rests on an intrinsic principle. I am 100% commitment to your success because your success is mine, as well. Moreover, I’m passionate about helping you navigate the world of trading.


When it comes to your wealth, there are three things you want…

  • Freedom: You want enough money to support you for the rest of your life.
    Security: You need confidence that your wealth is secure.
    Peace: Above all, you want clarity, ease, and comfort in your financial life.

    In addition, when it comes to a money manager, you want to partner with a person:

    • You like and trust.
    • Someone intelligent, experienced, and wise.
    • Who cares about YOU.

    And knows you – your fears, hopes, and what matters most to you. You want to work with a true partner in getting where you most want to go.

    The best about  managed trading accounts is about much more than the money.

    Portfolio management is essential.

    • You are looking for something more than best managed accounts. It would be best if you had a down-to-earth partner, caring, great at money management, and great with you. Of course, you want your money exquisitely cared for.
    • But, most importantly, you want the focus on what you care most about. In particular, you want to create and sustain wealth to support a life of those people you love.
      Thus, I invite you to achieve a high ROI through my managed investment accounts.


Investors choose to collaborate with me because I am committed to ensuring that my clients earn high returns through our managed trading accounts.

  • Pay for result: I don’t charge any fees in advance. We work on a profit-sharing basis. Thus, I make money when you do. So you can be sure I treat your account like mine.
  • Integrity and control: The managed account remains in your name and ownership, and you have complete control over your investments.
  • Flexibility: Only the investor has access to deposit or funds withdrawal from the account.
  • Transparency: You have access to your managed investment account 24/7. In other words, you keep an eye on what is happening with your money. Also, you can view all your closed trades and their profits.
  • Security: I trade only fully regulated markets (crypto trading and binary options) to secure your investments — no over-the-counter instruments.